Project Development Services

Project Development Services Include: Feasibility Study Cost/benefit analysis, financial projections Contract negotiations Solar Panel procurement Realistic Performance estimates Technology analysis and recommendations Construction management Project Development Services Apply to: Project developers PV Module manufacturers

Independent Financial Analysis

VeriSol provides independent financial analysis of pending solar investments for banks, insurance companies, investment groups and other financial entities. For more details about VeriSol’s independent financial analysis consulting services, click here.

Buyer/Investor Representation Services

Services Include: Analysis of historical energy usage Establish energy usage profile Technical and financial feasibility study Cost/benefit analysis, financial projections RFP preparation to encourage “best value” responses Management of RFP process and evaluation of responses Technology analysis and recommendations Realistic performance estimates Contract negotiations Solar module procurement Construction management Buyer/Investor Representation Services Apply to: Multi-family … Read more

Business Development Services

Services Include: Market Research Development of goals and expectations Business Strategy Budgets Branding and Marketing Operations Management Sales training Design training Preliminary drawings Technology recommendations Solar panel procurement Business Development Services Apply to: PV Module manufacturers Project developers Commercial integrators Residential integrators For more details about VeriSol’s business development consulting services, click here.