Solar Case Studies

VeriSol is capable of providing a broad range of solar energy consulting services while specializing in a few key areas. To better understand how VeriSol’s capabilities can save you time and money in your solar endeavor, we offer the following case studies as examples.

Business Development – Adding solar services to an existing business

Thinking about offering solar is one thing. Actually doing it is another. Taking advantage of VeriSol’s extensive industry knowledge and experience can result in substantial cost savings to a business planning on entering the industry by shortening the learning curve and a helping to avoid many common mistakes. A consulting relationship with VeriSol can often mean the difference between a long, slow and costly process with a lengthy return on investment, and one that is smooth, efficient, rapidly deployed and profitable.

The following case study is an illustration:

Stansell Electric’s New Solar Division

Buyer/Investor Representation

Having a representative who is knowledgeable about solar can help buyers/investors avoid significant problems by helping them make informed decisions resulting in greater system performance, significant cost savings and more accurate valuation. VeriSol will draw upon 25 years of solar industry experience when acting as your representative in purchasing or investing in a solar system, saving you time and money and giving you the confidence you need to know you’ve made a sound investment.

The following case study is an illustration:

Labcon North America Goes Solar

Independent Financial Analysis

VeriSol is intimately familiar with the complexities of solar project valuation and will apply this expertise when performing an independent financial analysis on your behalf.  Additionally, we will use sophisticated proprietary financial modeling tools to more precisely measure the performance of your project. Our goal is to provide you with the confidence you need to make an informed decision which will enable you to realize a sound return on your investment, while avoiding potential losses.

The following case study is an illustration:

The State of Nevada Considers Solar