John L. Whisman, President

John has worked in the field of solar energy since 1985 and has developed an expertise in the integrated analysis of commercial and utility solar energy systems. He has a deep understanding of solar technical issues, utility rate tariff idiosyncrasies, as well as the various financing models available for commercial solar energy development. He has worked with every type of commercial business from small retail to large industrial manufacturing to government to utility scale solar farms. John is an excellent communicator which allows him to deliver information clearly and concisely.

John has extensive experience as an installer, system designer, system sales, and detailed financial analysis. He has worked on hundreds of projects ranging from small 1 kW cabin systems to 100 megawatt solar farms. He sees the big picture and has the ability to identify the most effective way to help a client achieve maximum value.

John currently resides in Northern California and routinely travels internationally as necessary.