John L. Whisman, President

John has worked in the field of solar energy since 1985 and has developed an expertise in the integrated analysis of commercial and utility solar energy systems. He has a deep understanding of solar technical issues, utility rate tariff idiosyncrasies, as well as the various financing models available for commercial solar energy development. He has … Read more

Stansell Electric Company, Inc.

Adding solar services to an existing contracting business For many companies in the contracting industry, adding solar to their existing business is an attractive option. As the cost of grid-supplied electricity continues to rise, and environmental and political issues surrounding its generation are of increasing concern, more home-owners, businesses, and public institutions are looking to … Read more

Sierra Nevada Corporation

Independent Financial Analysis Determining the financial value of a solar project can be tricky. Performing a detailed and accurate analysis requires many variables be taken into account. It begins with a well formulated and realistic expectation of system performance based on an accurate assessment of the solar resource available in a given location and system … Read more

Why VeriSol?

Here’s why you partner with VeriSol, Inc. You want to determine the feasibility of solar power for your facility You invest in solar energy projects and you need independent analysis You are entering or expanding into the US PV market You are thinking of starting a solar related venture and need advice You need someone … Read more

Illustrating the Case for a Solar Consultant

The other day I saw a press release announcing the start of a commercial solar project in Northern CA. Over the last ten years I have read many of these press releases. I enjoy reading through them when I have time and learning what I can from the data points provided. Sometimes you can reverse … Read more

Labcon North America

Solar Buyer/Investor Representation There are many good reasons to invest in solar. In addition to being a clean, renewable source of energy, the cost barrier to entry is becoming less formidable as solar technology costs decrease, installation becomes more efficient, and more options for financing become available. Rebates, tax credits and production incentives can also … Read more