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Solar Seminar

Thinking about offering solar to your existing customers? Solar Seminar VeriSol offers management level presentations to contractors that are considering entering the solar energy business. We have worked with many large and small general, electrical, and roofing contractors assisting them

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Don’t Underestimate the Residential PV Market

I remember early on in my PV career siting on the back deck of a customer’s house discussing a solar project I had recently proposed. It was the first grid-tied PV system I sold, 16 Sharp 165 watt panels and

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Warren Brown

“As a solar PV integrator we face a continued challenge to secure the necessary talent and experience to close high value contracts. VeriSol’s team had the proven track record and balanced experience to meet our needs in closing business at

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Jim Happ

“I spent the better part of a year researching the best possible solution for a solar energy system at my business… I found VeriSol to be extremely knowledgeable and professional…. They helped educate me in both technical and economic details…

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Sherry McDonald

“I had the pleasure of working with John and Nathan from VeriSol on a large project for the State of Nevada. They made a great impression with their initial presentation on their abilities and they did an excellent job of

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Electric Rate Tariff Analysis for Solar Projects

Over the last decade I have seen various incentive structures implemented around the world to support the integration of PV as a mainstream energy source. Germany quickly jumped into the forefront with their successful Feed in Tariff (FiT) structure which

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Financial Evaluation for Commercial PV Projects

Having been a developer of commercial PV projects I can say from first hand experience that the bottom line return is the single most important point in the purchasing process. With that said it should also be noted that the vast

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Cost Analysis for Solar PV Project

VeriSol can provide independent non-biased cost analysis services for solar PV projects. Our proprietary models have been developed based on years of experience analyzing commercial PV projects. A particular company may have certain project hurdle rates that must be met.

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Experienced Commercial PV Consultant


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Consultant to Draft Solar PV Request for Proposal

VeriSol, Inc can help your company draft an appropiate RFP for your next solar project. Tweet

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