John Whisman Quoted in Reason Magazine

I was recently quoted in an article about the current solar module trade dispute. Please see the link here.

Solar Consultants and Advisors

As solar consultants and advisors on many commercial and utility scale projects, we have experience and perspective that is valuable to almost anyone in the solar value chain. We are currently performing feasibility studies for solar farm projects and for a new business model to sell residential solar. We are actively engaged with many equipment manufacturers and have our ears close to the ground in all aspects of the solar industry.

As the new year rises, we see an flurry of activity across the sector and I recall a day five years ago when sitting at my desk I had the thought that 2012 was about the time that the industry would really start to blossom. There are projects coming to fruition, the strings on the collective financing purse seem to be loosening. There is real work being done to standardize permitting and streamline other soft costs. Equipment costs are falling and tweaks in technology are making installation more efficient and therefore less costly. Latin America is an emerging market. We have already worked in Costa Rica, Mexico and Honduras and are getting feelers from Ecuador and Chile.

Yet at the same time there are challenges. Policy is still a fickle business of course and natural gas is plentiful, inexpensive and relatively clean next to the coal that it typically replaces.

Engaging an experienced solar consultant for advice on any solar venture will greatly increase the chance of a positive outcome. Happy and prosperous 2012!

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