Financial Evaluation for Commercial PV Projects

Having been a developer of commercial PV projects I can say from first hand experience that the bottom line return is the single most important point in the purchasing process. With that said it should also be noted that the vast majority of decision makers that do purchase PV systems have a “green driver” providing extraneous motivation for a projects implementation. As decision makers start to look at a PV project they need a feasibility study to both qualify the project returns and at the educate themselves about the key variables they will need to fully understand. Ideally this will be provided by an independent 3rd party consultant that can provide transparent non-biased analysis.

Financial Tools for the Evaluation of Commercial PV Projects

VeriSol has developed a proprietary tool for the financial evaluation of commercial PV projects. Our transparent process allows for key variables to be highlighted and ultimately understood by our clients. Key variables include:

  • Hourly PV system output
  • Solar Savings Rate
  • Utility escalation rate
  • Turnkey $/watt.

Our analysis can be used to determine and IRR, ROI or payback. Simply calculating these values may be of value in the decision process but ultimately projects have some method of financing that will have its own financial analysis. VeriSol offers an Un-biased accurate and transparent financial evaluation of PV projects.


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