Cost Analysis for Solar PV Project

VeriSol can provide independent non-biased cost analysis services for solar PV projects. Our proprietary models have been developed based on years of experience analyzing commercial PV projects. A particular company may have certain project hurdle rates that must be met.

Our analysis can accurately determine IRR, NPV, ROI, payback and solar savings rates. In addition we can evaluate a PV systems energy savings compared to lease payments or 20-25 year PPA rates.

Accurate Cost Analysis for Solar PV

In a transparent process VeriSol will determine key factors needed to create an accurate cost analysis. Our transparent process ensures that our clients are comfortable with the results of the analysis. The first factor that needs to be understood is the system production in kWh. This can be calculated as an annual,  monthly or hourly value. Our analysis requires an hourly value of production for each day of the year. Hourly data is important for properly evaluating Time of Use (TOU) electric rate tariffs and the corresponding value generated by the PV system. After determining the systems hourly production and corresponding TOU solar savings rate an accurate cost analysis can be started.

VeriSol’s cost analysis services for solar PV projects are relevant to numerous stack holders in PV projects. Buyers, investors, insurers, banks, developers and government agencies needing independent third party analysis of PV projects all benefit from our services.


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